Experiences of Tibetans in New York Compared with India

Anna Lee White ’15

Major: South Asian Studies and Anthropology

Award: Barbara Yen Sun Prize

Study Abroad Program: Wisconsin in India, India

I am a senior at Mount Holyoke College, majoring in Anthropology and South Asian Studies with a Five College Certificate in Buddhist Studies. I am writing an honors thesis in the Anthropology department titled: "Education in Exile: Cultural Preservation and Promotion of the Tibetan Refugee Community." I was able to use the Barbara Yen Sun Prize to travel to New York City for one week during January break to continue my research with the largest Tibetan refugee community in the United States.

I wanted to learn more about the experiences of Tibetans in New York compared to India. I also became interested in Tibetan artwork towards the end of my trip to India and was able to use this opportunity to learn more about how Tibetan art has changed from how it was taught and practiced in Tibet.

Without the support of the Barbara Yen Sun Prize, I would not have been able to visit the fascinating museums and talk to so many helpful artists, non-profit workers, and community organizers. All of this information will greatly benefit my final thesis paper.