New experiences and opportunities: Costa Rica and my MBA Program

Sarah Hayden '15, Graduate Student

Concentration: Environmental Politics, Policy, and Economics

Major: Environmental Studies, Development Studies Nexus

Study Abroad Program: MHC/Goucher Program, Costa Rica

Graduate Program: MBA in International Business, Bryant University

My Environmental Studies degree has opened up a world of wonderful and unique opportunities for me. When I was a junior, I was able to study abroad in Costa Rica as a part of the MHC/Goucher program. In Costa Rica, I took classes about environmental sustainability and Central American culture, lived with a host family, and was able to explore the rich natural environment of the country - volcanoes, old-growth rainforests, beaches, and more!

Living in Costa Rica was life changing for me - it helped me realize how much I would like to continue my studies about Latin America and the environment (and it led me to a minor in Development Studies!).

Currently, I'm earning my MBA from Bryant University with a concentration in International Business. I hope this concentration will allow me to work in/with Central American countries or in different countries around the globe. I'm excited to be able to mix my liberal arts background with a business education to gain a truly interdisciplinary view of the world.

Looking forward, I hope to be able to Master's in Environmental Policy or to at least continue my graduate education in the field of environmental studies. I'm still not sure what I want to do in terms of a career, but for right now I'm taking it one step at a time and seeing where my education takes me.