Beautiful people, beautiful horses.

Brooke Wodrig ‘13, Intern

Major: Environmental Studies

Internship: Blue Star Equiculture, Palmer, MA

Blue Star Equiculture: is an organic farm and draft horse sanctuary, located in Palmer, MA.

My internship: As an intern at Blue Star Equiculture, I was responsible for managing the barn, 30 horses, and 30+ volunteers per week. I also assisted in handling, desensitizing, and training 6 young draft horses to drive and ride, and I gave riding lessons to some of the volunteers working in the barn.

To make this all work, I had to develop some serious organizational skills, and I had to strive to be an effective, clear, and authoritative communicator in order to make sure that everything ran smoothly. Working at Blue Star Equiculture is truly a dream come true.

I learned to manage a horse farm, run a non-profit, and to maintain an organic garden. Not to mention, being surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful horses.