Latina/o Urbanisms (LATST-250LR/SOCI-216LR )

Latina/o Urbanisms

Photo credit: Rob Deza

Instructor: Vanessa Rosa

Are you interested in cities? Have you ever been curious about how cities are planned?

This course thinks about urban planning in relation to the influence of Latinas/os in US cities. From sidewalks and street vending, to public and private space, we will explore how many current “cool” and “progressive” planning trends are actually informed by the many ways Latinas/os have shaped the streets and neighborhoods of cities.

In this class, we will look at the impact of inequality and segregation to better understand how people contest space in everyday life and work to create more livable cities. Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Holyoke, MA are a few of the cities we will wander as we discuss the histories and impact of Latinas/os in urban space.