Resistencia y orgullo latino a través de la educación

Amy Sanchez '17

Amainaris "Amy" Sanchez ’17

Amainaris "Amy" Sanchez ’17, student

Major: Latin American Studies and Latin American, Caribbean, Latina/o Studies Five College Certificate

Working and giving back to my community have always been a part of my mission in life. I found that through my education and my educators, I was afforded an opportunity that I was lucky to have. Attending college and pursuing a higher education did not mean forgetting the place that I come from.

Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, I was molded from traditions and culture that I always proudly carried on my shoulders. However, it was not until I stepped into my (Re)imaging the Caribbean course with Professor Mosby, that I connected to my academia through Latin American studies. It was then I decided that this would be my major because, what would be more gratifying and beautiful than to learn and grow from the history of Latin America culture.

However, I had another passion and that was my love for education. Ever since I was younger I practiced with my classmates and my little brother the ways in which I would become the best teacher I could be. Immediately starting at MHC, I began doing work with local schools in Holyoke through the Community Based Learning Program, where I learned that only 10 minutes away from campus, I was surrounded by a Puerto Rican community that reminded me of home. As I stepped into the classroom to tutor/mentor, I was reminded each time of the work that I hope to achieve in the future.

Mentoring youth and working alongside parents and the community, I redefined what Latin American studies and Education meant to me, and that was the simple fact that the only work I wanted was work with my community, so that together we could create sustainable education for students of color that come from low-income communities, just like me.

I am fortunate but not the only person worthy of the opportunities I have had, therefore the work I will do is not only for me, but for the people who have encouraged me, as well for the youth, that with love and support, will change the world.