The Global Renaissance (ARTH-236-01)

Sebastian Muenster, Map of the New World, 1540

Sebastian Muenster, Map of the New World, 1540.

Instructor: Jessica Maier

Offered: every other year

The Renaissance produced some of the western world’s most iconic works of art—think Michelangelo’s David, or Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. But there was a lot more to this period than those familiar icons.

The Renaissance was an exciting and important time far beyond the confines of Europe, as exploration and cross-cultural encounters challenged people across the globe to widen their mental horizons. This class looks at visual monuments of those encounters—from spectacular maps of new worlds (well, new to Europeans), to west African ivories, Mexican feather paintings, Islamic metalwork, and colonial architecture—that show just how global the Renaissance world really was: much more like our time than most people know.