The Global Renaissance (ARTH-236-01)

Sebastian Muenster, Map of the New World, 1540

Sebastian Muenster, Map of the New World, 1540.

Instructor: Jessica Maier

Offered: every other year

The Renaissance produced some of the Western world’s most iconic works of art — think Michelangelo’s David, or Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.” But there was a lot more to this period than those familiar icons.

The Renaissance was an exciting and important time far beyond the confines of Europe, as exploration and cross-cultural encounters challenged people across the globe to widen their mental horizons. This class looks at visual monuments of those encounters — from spectacular maps of new worlds (well, new to Europeans), to West African ivories, Mexican feather paintings, Islamic metalwork, and colonial architecture — that show just how global the Renaissance world really was: much more like our time than most people know.