Newspaper Reading and Journalistic Practices in China (AS-312-01)

Newspaper Reading and Journalistic Practices in China (AS-312-01)

Instructor: Lisha Xu

Develop skills to read newspapers and watch video news reports in Chinese and explore today’s pressing issues through Chinese and English mass media.
Prerequisite: AS311 or equivalent ability. A fourth-year Chinese language course at the 300 level, this is also a Nexus course in the Journalism, Media, and Public Discourse Track.

Through written and video news reports, this course focuses on important current social issues emerging and reflected in China, the United States, and the world. The selected topics include: love and marriage, job market and work place, family education and the relationship between parents and children, gender and sexuality, festivals and their multicultural orientations, internet and selfies, gun violence and gun control, air pollution and environmental protection, etc.

Combined with reading and discussion on each news report, this course will further advance students’ Chinese language skills in general and specifically introduces the formal expressions, writing styles, and terminology commonly used in Chinese mass media. In addition, digital vocabulary learning modules are employed to help students build their vocabulary at the advanced level and be familiar with the Chinese semantic structures.

This course also intends to familiarize students with various Chinese media channels and agencies, understand the challenges of journalistic practice in the internet age, and enhance students’ critical thinking and analytical stills by broadening their perspective and comparing Chinese and English media sources. The course is carried out through lectures, group discussions, individual projects, oral presentations, writing assignments, and quizzes. It is conducted mainly in Chinese with the addition of some relevant English materials.