Business Culture and Communication in China

Business Chinese (AS315)

Lei Yan

AS315 is an advanced, speaking- and writing-intensive Chinese course with a focus on business communication and culture. This course will further improve students’ general Chinese proficiency at the advanced level, and their oral communication skills in particular, by using the Chinese language as a tool to investigate important topics in the field of business and business culture in China.

In addition to the textbook, which offers a broad and substantive introduction to business terminology and discourse, the course will make use of a variety of supplementary materials, including essays, dialogues, case studies, newspaper articles, and audio-visual sources. Selected English materials may also be added to help students gain a deeper understanding of the specific topics covered, as well as, lectures, case study investigations, classroom discussion and debate, mini-research reports, and other activities. 

Students will gain experience and comfort in reading/discussing business news and producing analytic and technical forms of business writing. Students will also translate business-related documents, and gain a number of other practical skill sets that will be valuable assets both in future business-related work in China and a broader array of Chinese settings.

At the same time as they reinforce and expand their spoken and written Chinese, students will also gain practical knowledge of various aspects of the economic and business environment of China, including the business models of specific, influential Chinese companies and international firms that have successfully entered the Chinese market.

The class will be conducted entirely in Chinese. There will be two 75-minute classes per week, with a fourth hour every Friday, which will be devoted to discussion and practice.

This course is offered as a Nexus course in the Global Business Track
Prerequisite: AS311 or equivalent ability. 4 credits.