Podcasts for Peace internship co-creator

Mika Weissbuch, Podcasts for Peace

Mika Kie Weissbuch '11, Co-founder, Intern Coordinator

Major: Critical Social Thought, Politics minor

Study Abroad: School for International Training, Nicaragua

Employer: Podcasts for Peace

The Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies Department prepared me well for my current work in Nicaragua as co-founder of a community center for children and recipient of a Fulbright. The semester prior to my semester abroad with SIT Nicaragua, Professor Lowell Gudmundson and I met every week to discuss a book on Nicaragua or Central America, so by the time I arrived, I was well versed in the country’s history, politics, transnational issues, and current events.

While completing my research project on privatization in and around Managua’s municipal dump, my Nicaraguan advisor, Yamileth, and I had the idea to found a children’s community center in her neighborhood. She wanted a positive outlet for the children and youth of the neighborhood that would amplify their unheard voices, so I prepared myself as a digital storytelling facilitator and program coordinator with the help of Professor Rogelio Miñana. Meanwhile, with the letters of support from the children of the community, we applied for and won a Davis Projects for Peace grant through MHC. Podcasts for Peace opened its doors in July 2011, and currently serves hundreds of children, youth, and adults.

In 2014, with Kirk Lange and the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives, we opened a Community-Based Learning summer internship opportunity for current MHC students at Podcasts for Peace. Most recently, I received a Fulbright award to help tell the stories of the struggles, adaptation, and resilience of rural Nicaraguans affected by the drought and climate change. I look forward to receiving the next cohort of MHC interns, and am grateful for everyone who has collaborated with me on these projects.