Forging a career in the museum world

Gina Ciralli with painting

Gina Ciralli '14

Major: Art History, Ancient Studies minor

Employer: Project Coordinator of Inside Out, Philadelphia Museum of Art

When I arrived at Mount Holyoke College, I took a first-year seminar with Professor Bettina Bergman where we held and examined ancient coins at the MHC Art Museum. Being able to interact with original objects in such an intimate setting inspired me to take more art history classes and develop a major, and a career, around fine arts.

During my undergraduate summers, I held two internships at art museums. I began at a small, regional art museum in Connecticut as a rising junior, and then progressed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art as a rising senior. Upon returning for my final semester, I held a final internship at the MHC Art Museum and felt ready to enter the art world upon graduation. I was hired as a Gallery Assistant at an art advisory firm in New York, and in 2015 leveraged my internship experience into a full-time position at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

At the PMA, I implement an outdoor art project that places replica paintings in regional communities for brief, open-air exhibitions. My classes and professors at Mount Holyoke certainly inspired my interest in art and helped me gain the internship experience necessary to forge a career in the museum world.