How I became an Art Historian

Sarah Gillespie as seen through a Fred Eversley sculpture.

Sarah Gillespie as seen through a Fred Eversley sculpture.

Sarah Kate Gillespie '94, Art History Professor, Curator of American Art

Major: art history, english minor

Advanced Degrees: M.A., Ph.D.

Employer: Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia

I majored in art history and continued with my studies to work in the field. With encouragement from my MHC professors, I went to graduate school and eventually worked first as a professor of art history, and now I'm a museum curator and teach in the art history department at the University of Georgia.

I knew from my sophomore year class on nineteenth-century French art with Professor Robert Herbert that I wanted to somehow be an art historian.

Under Professor Herbert and Professor Paul Staiti I wrote a senior honors thesis and landed internships in auction houses and galleries in New York City. They helped shape my approach to the field, helped me apply to graduate school ... Paul Staiti was even on my dissertation committee years later.

From the strong foundation I received at MHC (including a fabulous year abroad in Florence, Italy) I was able to move forward with confidence. I love my work and can't imagine doing anything else.