Be the Change: Combining Social Work and Arabic

Megan Brooks with student holding a sign that says "Be The Change"

Megan Brookman with her supervisor holding a “Be the Change” sign. Image courtesy of Megan Brookman ‘14.

Megan Brookman ‘14, Graduate Student

Major: Middle Eastern Studies, Politics Minor

Advanced Degrees: MSW in progress, University of Chicago

Study Abroad: CIEE Language & Culture Amman, Jordan, 2013

Learning Arabic was hands down the best skill I got from completing a Middle Eastern Studies major. Second to that was the knowledge I gained through studying religion, politics, and history. I've used Arabic both in my last job as a victim advocate in the courts and currently living in Chicago working on my master's of social work.

This upcoming summer I will travel to Morocco to continue studying Arabic. Before that, I am auditing a course next quarter in which we'll read the Qur'an in Arabic.

I still carry what I learned in my Middle Eastern Studies major, the people I met, and especially my experiences abroad into all that I do.

Understanding different perspectives on a range of topics, speaking Arabic, and having a solid education through the courses offered in the major and in the Five Colleges have enriched my social work practice and noticeably improved my work with Arabic speaking or Muslim clients. After graduating, I hope to work either in a country or a local organization where I can use my Arabic and social work degree.