Frames of Mind: Tracking Power/Knowledge (CST 249/LATAM 287)

Parabola optica, 1931 by Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Fair use.

Instructor: Justin Crumbaugh

Offered: Spring 2022

A frame of mind typically refers to a mood or perspective. However, such dispositions also reflect a certain regulation of thought and thus behavior.  

In other words, something "frames" our minds in the first place. This course shows that the production of knowledge is central to the functioning of power by interrogating the history of commonplace assumptions regarding issues such as freedom, race, prison, sexuality, government, and insanity.  Authors include Gorgio Agamben, Wendy Brown, Michel Foucault, Freidrich Nietzsche, Edward Said, Ann Laura Stoler, and others.

The only Prerequisite for this course is an interest in the subject.  First-year students should consider enrolling.