Applying Anthropology

Lillian Smith

Lillian Smith '09 on the left.

Lillian Smith '09, Research Manager

Majors: Anthropology and French

Minor:  Five College Certificate in Culture, Health, and Science

Employer: Analytics Department at InterbrandHealth

When I graduated with a degree in Anthropology I felt so excited about everything I had learned but I was unsure as to how it would apply in the real world. I see now that studying Anthropology has been totally integral to my career.

A great field to see anthropological methods in action is in branding and marketing research. I'm a research manager on the analytics team of a branding agency. At my agency, we apply qualitative research methods to nearly every project; knowing how to understand people within cultural contexts helps get at the most meaningful insights for my team and our clients.

Because of my background in Anthropology, I bring something to the table that someone with a business or statistics degree doesn't and that's proven to be a valuable asset.