From Anthropology to Midwifery: how medical anthropology inspired me.

Mervnide Pierre

Mervnide Pierre '14, Student Midwife

Major: Anthropology

Minors: Five College Certificate in Culture, Health, Science; Chemistry

Internships: Association ADAMES, Amherst Ma and Santo Domingo

Majoring in anthropology was a great way to complement my interests and frame my thinking.

The tools and skill set I developed at MHC as an anthropology major continues to help me in my journey towards a career in midwifery.

With hard science careers, it is easy to interpret the world as black and white but with my background in anthropology, I’ve been able to see the grey, and yet still appreciate the complexity of the world.

Because I was interested in medical anthropology, the classes I took allowed me to discover midwifery and eventually fall in love with the profession.

Once I determined that midwifery was more than an interest but a passion, I sought guidance from professors and advisors to curate the appropriate opportunities I needed to build my exposure to women’s health. I would not be where I am without the guidance of my advisor, so finding a mentor/advisor invested in my success was crucial to my journey at MHC.