Internship at the French Embassy's Office combined my interests in french and chemistry

My-Linh Nguyen ’13

My-Linh Nguyen ’13

My-Linh Nguyen ’13

Intern, Office for Science & Technology

Academic focus: Chemistry and French double major

Research Group: Chen Lab

Internship: French Embassy's Office for Science and Technology (OST), Washington DC

Graduate Program: University of Maryland School of Medicine

I am currently a medical student at the University of Maryland, but I didn't always know that I wanted to pursue a medical degree.

After my junior year at MHC, I wanted to try an internship that would combine my two majors -- French and Chemistry. I spent that summer working in Washington, DC in the French Embassy's Office for Science and Technology (OST).

During my time there, I wrote articles for the OST website (in both French and English), including an article about the International Chemistry Olympiad which was being held in DC that year.

Other opportunities I had, included, attending a Science Diplomats Club breakfast and making a short film about Telstar, the first satellite, that was shown at Telstar's 50-year celebration at the Air & Space Museum and at the Ambassador's residence.

My chemistry background and research experience at MHC allowed me to connect with my scientist and science-enthusiast colleagues at the Embassy, which made for an exciting internship experience.