De Brujas y Lesbiana and other Bad Women in the Spanish Empire (SPAN 330)

Las Brujas

Las Brujas de Zubarramurdi (Fair use)

Special topics in Advanced Studies in Identities and Intersections

Instructor: Nieves Romero Díaz 

Cross-listed as: Gender Studies 33BW

Offered: Fall 2022

This (speaking-writing intensive) course concentrates on the various literary genres and cultural movements that have shaped Spanish Speaking cultures  from modernismo to the present.  Topics focus on different genres and the expression of diverse ideologies through literature.

During the Spanish Empire (16th-18th centuries), witches, prostitutes, transvestite warriors, lesbians and daring noblewomen and nuns violated the social order by failing to uphold the expected sexual morality of the ideal woman. They were silenced, criticized, punished, and even burned at the stake. Students will study contradictory discourses of good and evil and beauty and ugliness in relation to gender in the Spanish Empire. We will analyze historical and literary texts as well as film versions of so-called "bad" women--such as the Celestina, Elena/o de Céspedes, Catalina de Erauso and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.