Advanced Projects in Video Production (FS 310)

Adv. Projects in Video Prod. (FLMST-310CP-01)

Photo credit: Elise Newcomer '18

Instructor: Bernadine Mellis

This course requires a Video Production Course 310 Application.

In this class, students will take the skills and insights gained in introductory production courses and, working individually or in pairs, develop them over the length of the semester through the creation of one short project, 10 minutes long. Students may choose to work in narrative, documentary, experimental, or hybrid forms.

We will learn by making work as well as by researching, reading, and watching films related to our projects. We may take this opportunity to delve into and learn the conventions of our chosen form. Or we may decide that our content demands formal experimentation and risk-taking.

The course will be structured by the projects each student brings to it. We will begin the semester with brainstorming, research, script or documentary proposal writing, and pre-production. Each student will develop a script or in-depth proposal, to begin with. As we move into production, we will review and deepen our knowledge of camera, lighting (available & set), sound (location &studio), and editing principles and techniques.

We will move between production and post-production in the second half of the semester, first developing sequences, then rough cuts and fine cuts, before ultimately completing our final cut. 

Special Topics

Spring 2017: The Prison Birth Project (FST-310)