Elementary Russian (RES-101/102)

page from Azbuka, the first Russian textbook, printed by Ivan Fyodorov in 1574

A page from Azbuka, the first Russian textbook, printed in 1574 by Ivan Fyodorov.

Instructor: Susanna Nazarova/Irina Kogel

This class is a four-skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) introduction to the Russian Language with a focus on communicative skills development. Major structural topics include pronunciation and intonation, all six cases, basic conjugation patterns, and verbal aspect.

By the end of the course the students will be able to initiate and sustain conversation on basic topics, write short compositions, read short authentic texts and comprehend their meaning, and they will develop an understanding of the Russian culture through watching films and listening to songs. A weekly lab is required.

"The Russian language, which is, as far as I can judge, the richest of all the European family, seems admirably adapted to express the most delicate shades of thought. Possessed of a marvellous conciseness and clearness, it can with a single word call up several ideas, to express which in another tongue whole phrases would be necessary." -Prosper Mérimée

"Indeed, with the exception of Polish, Russian is probably the greatest language in the world, in richness, variety, definiteness, and elegance. It is also capable of saying much in little, and saying it with tremendous force." -W. L. Phelps, Essays on Russian Novelists (1911)