Firstie Focus: Rebecca Piperno

Image of Rebecca Piperno

Name: Rebecca Piperno

Hometown: Rome, Italy

High school: Liceo E.Q. Visconti

Possible major/minor: international relations or a dual degree in politics and classics

Career aspirations: I would love to get involved in government and have the opportunity to make change on a national scale—a thing that I think will be easier to achieve through Mount Holyoke’s great alumna network and rigorous academics! Another aspiration is to work for an international organization such as the United Nations.

A noteworthy talent: I can speak Italian, French, and English fluently, and have spent eight years learning to translate Latin and ancient Greek texts.

Proudest moment: Winning an outstanding participation award for my Italian Model UN team in both 2015 and 2016.

Why MHC: It was love at first sight. I was actually only planning to visit Smith College. But to pass the time before my 3:00 pm tour, my mom (a Smithie) suggested that we tour Mount Holyoke, since it is also in the Pioneer Valley and has a really good reputation. It was the first campus I ever visited, and I immediately knew that it was the one for me. The grounds were beautiful, the people seemed determined to make actual change, and everybody was nice! I ended up applying early decision to Mount Holyoke. Sorry, Mom!

First impressions: I was immediately drawn to the beautiful library because it looked so much like Hogwarts.

The most important thing in your dorm room: My wall full of pictures of my friends that I left back home, and whom I miss so dearly!

Favorite TV show/band: Quantico and Stranger Things; Paramore, BOY, Oh Wonder, Lucius

Power animal: The fox, because it’s so misinterpreted in Aesop’s Fables.

Hero: Gloria Steinem

The quirkiest thing about you: I love calligraphy, but have terrible penmanship. One can’t say that I don’t try, though!

Favorite social media site: Instagram for sure!