Italian Bridge (Ponte) Course (ITAL112-113)

     Rialto bridge 2011.jpg More details A view of the Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge (Wikipedia).

Instructor: Morena Svaldi
Offered: online and Summer at Mount Holyoke College

An original course designed by Ombretta Frau, Erica Moretti, and Morena Svaldi, with a Five College Innovative Teaching Fellowship In 2015,

The Italian Bridge (ponte in Italian) is an innovative course that uses a blended learning approach.

The course creates a new path for students who are taking Italian 101 in the Spring semester, and wish to have the necessary preparation to take Intermediate Italian (Italian 201) the following Fall semester.

Students will build the skills necessary to understand, speak and write Italian at the advanced-beginner level, learn about contemporary Italian society, and develop the competence, interest, and enthusiasm for the language that will inspire them to proceed to more advanced levels.

The course is taught both on the Mount Holyoke College campus and online, during the summer, using a blended learning approach.