The Mind of the Traveler (ITAL-361)

Professor Frau and her students, April 2016.

Professor Frau and her students, April 2016. Photo credit: Jasmine Keuter ‘18

Instructor: Ombretta Frau

Cross-listed as: FREN-321, ROMLG-375, SPAN-360

Travel literature has always been a precious source for the study of culture, politics, arts and, of course, people.

This course looks at examples of travel literature from the Latin, French, Italian and Spanish tradition. From Tacitus to Marco Polo, from Stendhal to Camilo Jose Cela, from Italo Calvino to Laila Wadia and Jhumpa Lahiri, we read and discuss authors who wrote about their travels for political, religious, personal and recreational reasons. The course explores the idea of travel for war and conquest, pilgrimage, tourism, migration. In 2016, Jhumpa Lahiri was our special guest.

Taught in English, students who want to receive credit for Romance Languages, French, Italian, Spanish must do their work in the target language. Please see the selecting courses page for more details on the advanced seminar.