The Prison Birth Project (FST-310)

Advanced Projects in Video Production FS 310

Image used with permission of The Prison Birth Project.

Special Topics in Media Production 310

Instructor: Professor Bernadine Mellis will co-teach this course with embedded practitioners from the Holyoke-based Prison Birth Project, Lisa Andrews and Marisa Pizii.

Offered: Spring 2017

This course requires a Video Production Course 310 Application.

Study critical digital media production, using the Prison Birth Project's work at the intersection of the reproductive justice movement and the battle for incarcerated people's rights as the applied focus of course work.

Assigned readings will focus on documentary ethics and questions of representation, reproductive justice and the carceral state, grassroots fundraising, alternative organizational structures, and the relationship between art and activism.

Skills-based class sessions will introduce several modes of media production, including digital storytelling, video production and post-production, smartphone digital photography, and graphic design.

This community-based learning course will culminate in a group project, collaborating to generate media content the Prison Birth Project may use for public education and advocacy.