Archeology and Osteopathologies: Learning to Communicate about Hidden Histories

Margaret Murdock

Margaret Murdock ’18

Major: Biology and Spanish Double Major

Internship: Pollentía Research Expedition, Alcúdia, Mallorca, Spain

One of the most critical parts of research is being able to communicate what you learn and discover, and in our world being able to do so in languages other than English is vital. That's why I wanted to combine my interest in medicine with learning Spanish, both of which culminated in an incredible internship in Alcúdia, Mallorca.

I worked with a team of archeologists and researchers excavating the Roman city of Pollentía, and along with two other students, I studied pre-modern bone diseases. This research gave me the opportunity to learn about an ancient Hispanian society, and experience another culture through its physical history.

This opportunity gave me the chance to view my research in the context of sharing knowledge and communication and gave me so many valuable tools to take with me moving forward.