The Importance of Thriving

Natercia Rodrigues

Natercia Rodrigues '06, Medical Faculty/Attending Physician

Major: Biochemistry and French

Employer: Family Medicine, University of Rochester

At Mount Holyoke, I learned the importance of thriving. Later on, in my experiences as a medical student and then a resident, it was never enough for me to just survive anything. Throughout my education, it has been a priority to learn within the context of a supportive community that values mentorship.

I majored in Biochemistry and French and I carry that double major in the sciences and humanities with me, every day, in my job as a family physician.

My Biochemistry major provided me the with the problem solving and critical thinking skills needed to provide evidence-based options to my patients.

My humanities training in French literature taught me the value of the patient story. To listen actively and be present, sometimes in silence, to the experience before me.

Mount Holyoke has not only been a huge part of my educational experience, it brought me closer to my global community and prepared me for a lifetime of human connections.