A Global Enterprise: Germany Works (GRMST-231GW)

Sunset on windmills at Biedsheim, Germany

Sunset at Biedsheim, Germany

Instructor: Mark Lauer

Spring semester, 2018.  Students will explore how the Humanities and Social Sciences contribute to our understanding of the changing role of work from a historical perspective. We will investigate how the concepts of work effect social organization and individual identity formation. By concentrating on the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries within the German speaking countries and beyond, the seminar will shed light on the two eras when technological changes and their concomitant transformations in social and individual organization brought disruptive change to our notions of work. We will focus our attention on work by literary scholars, artists, and philosophers who often work in cross-disciplinary research networks. This course fulfills the 1A Humanities requirement and counts towards the German Studies major/minor, as well as the Global Business Nexus.