Parvathy Bhushan ’17

Parvathy Bhushan ’17

Name: Parvathy Bhushan ’17

Hometown: New Delhi/Thrissur, India

Major: biology

Campus involvement: I have served as co-chair of the South Asian Students Association, Office of Admission Tour Guide/Harriet Newhall Fellow, liaison for the biology department and tutor.

Proudest accomplishment at MHC: While I have challenged myself by taking classes in new areas, I am most proud of the incredible friends I have made here. I consider myself lucky to have family from all parts of the globe who continue to support and encourage me in all endeavors. There is something about MHC that helps you connect to people on another level, be it small class sizes, residential halls out of a fairytale or the diversity and humility that we bring with us. I feel as though I can conquer any challenge with my friends by my side.

Favorite course you thought you might not like: French Literature and Culture. I enjoyed my first introductory French classes and decided to take a chance and enroll myself in a higher level class. I was nervous when I saw the reading list — five French novels written between the 19th and 20th centuries — and the essays we would be required to write. My first class removed all of those apprehensions. The professor, Catherine Le Gouis, made each class engaging and brought to life all the characters. The class never felt heavy because I enjoyed it and I even won a prize from the French department at the end of that semester! It made the experience that much sweeter.

Best takeaway from internship or research experiences: I spent the summer before my junior year performing data analysis and marketing for a genetic testing company. Prior to this I had focused on doing research-based work. My internship taught me that I enjoy working at the intersection of science and business. I was able to sit in on team meetings and understand the importance of product placement and commercialization. This is where I plan to work in the future.

Future plans: I have accepted an offer to work with a Boston consulting firm in its life sciences division.