Topics in German and European Studies in a Global Context: Moving Europe: Film in Global Context (GRMST-331, FLMST-370)

Autobahn at night

Instructor: Nora Gortcheva

Fall semester, 2017.  This class explores major tendencies in European film from 1945 to the present.  We approach the canon of European art cinema, discuss various genres (drama, youth film, comedy, sci-fi), movements such as Italian Neorealism, New Waves (French, Czech, German, Romanian), and migrant and accented cinemas. We pay special attention to movement as a repeating motif. As we investigate filmic representations of class, gender, and race across various national contexts, we challenge a vision of Europe – and of its cinema – as coherent and static. Instead, we uncover European film cultures on the move – in constant crisis and process of redefinition.