Lucinda Covington ’17

Lucinda Covington ’17

Name: Lucinda Covington ’17

Hometown: Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France

Major: Five College film studies Minor: art history

Campus involvement: I work at the Office of Admission as a Harriet Newhall fellow and serve as the Q&A mentor in the French department.

Proudest accomplishment at MHC: During my time here, Mount Holyoke has given me the opportunity to be proud of a number of accomplishments. Besides moving to a new country and acclimating myself to a culture entirely different from my own, I am proudest of the intellectual passion I discovered, developed and continue to nurture: film. After taking Introduction to Film Studies with Robin Blaetz the first semester of my first year, I knew that I had discovered what would be a lifelong passion.

On my first visit to campus nearly five years ago, I was told that at Mount Holyoke women were taught that they could do everything — so much so that after college it would strike them as odd if women weren’t doing everything. That sense of empowerment was an epiphany for me and I have increasingly embraced it throughout my college career. I also learned of the tremendous opportunities that Mount Holyoke afforded to anyone willing to take on the challenge of a more public role. I have been lucky enough to receive such opportunities many times over during my time at Mount Holyoke, including the confidence to apply to film conferences and present papers at them.

Favorite course you thought you might not like: Due to a curricular requirement, I was compelled to take a science course and apprehensively enrolled in Organismal Biology with Renae Brodie. My reluctance stemmed from the fact that I was never naturally skilled in the sciences. What’s more, I had never studied science in English!

However, my preconception of the sciences as a topic beyond even remote mastery radically shifted as I took this course, thanks entirely to Professor Brodie and her novel approach to teaching science. Not only was she extremely patient and encouraging, she had the ability to turn a subject matter I had previously found dry and incomprehensible into one of endless fascination and exploration. I particularly enjoyed our trips to the Talcott Greenhouse, where we had the opportunity to assess flowers and conduct research — all in a warm environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the course, along with the ability to make scientific conclusions based on data I had collected myself.

Best takeaway from internship or research experiences: A skill I have developed at Mount Holyoke that has proved itself vital in the professional world is to advocate for myself. Although supervisors will assign tasks, there may come a time when one feels underutilized. I rapidly learned that amidst these scenarios, it is essential to take the initiative and make yourself heard. When you see how focused others are on their own work, you quickly realize how essential it is to come to the work space with a can-do attitude and the unshakable conviction that your opinion matters, however lowly your position.

Future plans: Thanks to my internship in New York City last summer, I now have a burning desire to return and establish a life there for myself, pursuing work in analyzing film. Further down the road, I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in film studies, a formidable undertaking but one for which Mount Holyoke has prepared me well.