Quick and effective grading with the Moodle rubrics tool

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Economics Professor Eva Paus heard about the Moodle grading rubric tool from a colleague who suggested that it was a useful way to let students know what is expected of them in an assignment. In addition, it is easy to use and reduces grading time. She met with her LITS liaison, Jim Burke, and together they discovered how to add the Moodle rubric grading tool to the existing assignments in her spring 2016 course on economic development (Economics 314: Economic Development in the Age of Contested Globalization).

Now, when students read the assignment question, they can also see the standards of performance by which they will be graded in a rubric, as shown here:


When it is time to grade a student’s submitted assignment, the instructor is presented with the rubric and clicks on the level corresponding to the student’s performance on each criterion (see screen shot below).  Moodle adds up the points assigned to each performance level and enters them in the Moodle gradebook for the assignment.  When assignments are graded, students can view the rubric and easily see the strengths and weaknesses of their work.

grading rubric.jpg

Interested in trying a grading rubric like this? Contact your LITS Liaison with any questions.