Shaping their narratives: ePortfolios in the Environmental Studies senior seminar

Members of the Class of 1962. For more information visit:

Environmental Studies 390, Fall 2016

“If you haven’t spent any time deliberately and intentionally shaping your narrative, if you’re unprepared, like I was, then one will be written for you.” -

Carrie Brownstein Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

Students in the Environmental Studies Senior seminar meet in the fall to reflect on their work; it is an opportunity to integrate what they learned in the classroom, through their extracurricular activities, and during their LYNK internships into their personal narratives. These are some of the first steps they will take towards life after Mount Holyoke. What is next?

Enter the eportfolio. It is more than tool to collect writings, reflections and summaries of qualifications, it represents a process of integrating a student’s whole life at Mount Holyoke. The seminar is a rare opportunity to consider what happened in college for the students in the company of their peers facilitated by Professor Tim Farnham and embedded librarian, Caro Pinto.

Students build eportfolios in WordPress; it is flexibility and transferability. It promotes student autonomy as they create a coherent online presence that they can syndicate on platforms like LinkedIN. This seminar is the start their online professional lives. They talk about their online presence and consider all the platforms they use. They spend time learning what the internet already knows about them and consider how they want to reintroduce themselves online. Are you interested in helping your students cultivate a professional online presence? Contact your LITS Liaison."