I’m Feeling Lucky! My Path from Romance Languages to Google Maps

Natascha Martens

Natascha Martens (Nen) ’05, Strategic Partner Manager

Major: Romance Languages and Cultures, Special Studies minor

Study Abroad: Montpellier Program (Biology), Université Paul Valéry

Employer: Google

Fluency in multiple languages allowed me to start my professional career in academia and quickly move to other fields. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College, I spent that summer doing an internship in Spain and traveling around Europe. I spent the next two years teaching French and Spanish at a private school before making a drastic career shift and moving to the technology sector.

Speaking five languages made it easy for me to work in a number of different international markets and gave me a clear competitive advantage when applying for my current job at Google. I’ve helped launch new products internationally and delivered keynote speeches in French and Portuguese. At Google's Geospatial (Google Maps) team, I’ve managed strategic partnerships in the US, Canada, and South America, which has allowed me to frequently speak Portuguese, Spanish, and French in a professional setting.

My advice for current Romance Languages and Cultures majors: don't feel limited to a career in the Arts, Non-Profits, and Education... A Romance Languages degree can be valuable in a number of different fields! And TAKE A BUSINESS CLASS! It definitely won't hurt and might be immensely helpful in the future.