Firstie Focus: Unwanaabasi Abasiurua ’21

Photo of Unwanaabasi Abasiurua ’21

High school: The Bronx High School of Science

Hometown: The Bronx, New York

Major/possible major: Double major in Romance languages and something else; teacher licensure; and almost definitely a Nexus concentration in education

Wrestling accomplishments: I started wrestling my sophomore year, trained the hardest I ever have for anything and placed fourth in the city. I was invited to nationals that year, which was an amazing experience. Junior year I placed first in both folkstyle and freestyle. This past year I took second in both. Even though it wasn’t the result I wanted, I had an amazing year and I’m really glad I was able to bond with my team.

Noteworthy interest: I’m really interested in languages and plan to learn at least three as well as I can at Mount Holyoke. Also grappling-type stuff, although I’ve only ever done wrestling and judo.

Proudest moment: When I won my first-place folkstyle match, because while it was happening it was the most difficult match of my life and I won by one point, solely because I kept going until the buzzer went off.

Why MHC: To be quite frank, massively less misogyny and “mansplaining,” when a man explains something to someone, typically a woman, in a patronizing way. One of the best schools in the country, and also less debt, and amazing strong women who are not afraid to stand up for themselves and others in the face of injustice.

Favorite places so far on campus: I haven’t been able to visit yet but the library is absolutely divine and gorgeous. The Language Resource Center will probably be a fave. I can quite literally fall asleep listening to people speaking other languages, that’s how comfortable I get. And last but not least, the pool. I’ll probably drown. I love swimming but I’m not that great at it.

Where do you want to be in 10 years: Mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally, I want to be whole, happy and settled. Not necessarily in one place or with another person, but with myself and who I will have become by then.

Career aspirations: My ultimate goal is to be a psycholinguist, but I definitely want to teach abroad and in the Bronx for a bit. I’m also very interested in translation and interpretation.

The most important thing in my residence hall room will be: I’m planning on putting up a board with important pictures and sayings.

Who is your hero/superhero: My mom, since before I was even born. And Frozone, the first black superhero I was exposed to, an actual icon.

The quirkiest thing about you: Me, myself, as a person. I quite literally am a conundrum.

Favorite TV show, movie, music, book, author: There are altogether too many, yet not enough.

Social media: Twitter for sure and then Instagram.