Spotlight on: Javeria Kella ’19

Photo of Javeria Kella ’19

Home country: Pakistan

Mount Holyoke story: As an international student, one of my major reasons for coming to Mount Holyoke was diversity. I expected nothing less than what I see here on this beautiful campus. There is obviously a lot of diversity in terms of nationalities, but also much cultural, ethnic, religious, racial and ideological diversity. Walking around the campus you can hear people talking in languages you have never heard before. Being particularly interested in international relations, I now have the opportunity to have real interaction with people from diverse groups, something I might not have had a chance to do otherwise.  

This place eventually becomes and feels like home… trust me; it doesn’t take long to fall for MoHome! I am not particularly homesick (though I definitely miss the spicy food) because there is always so much going on around campus - there is so much to learn and so much positive energy, all of which keeps me occupied and energized.

I love the fact that my social circle is already so diverse, even though college has just started. The joy of learning a few words of a different language, or talking to a person from a country that is not recognized diplomatically by Pakistan is absolutely amazing. Personally, interacting with international students gives me a  broader picture/perspective of the world outside Pakistan, the world that does not exist on news channels or in newspapers.  This international diversity has increased my knowledge base and made me more self-aware.  U.S. students also make this whole experience more homey and are also absolutely welcoming!  In my mind the lyric of our alma mater will always ring true: Mount Holyoke forever shall be.