Department Statement on DACA: DACA is a community status. DACA is a family status. DACA is a campus status.

DACA: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

The faculty of the Department of Spanish, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies abhors the decision by the Trump administration to rescind DACA. We find the decision shortsighted and cruel and encourage the College to provide all necessary support to protect the student body. One area of discussion among faculty was to provide individual legal consultation to MHC DACA students so they can plan for the long term and seek relief from deportation. We hope the College will consider this option.

The expiration of DACA is not delayed as promised, but expires individually among students. More so, its effects are immediate in their symbolic, rhetorical, and social impact, causing harm to DACA students but also to the public safety of all persons on our campus. The Trump administration has with a stroke of a pen produced vulnerability among a significant student body and their families nationwide.

As a department, we wish to express our support for all those affected and hope this heartless action will produce an effective, long-term response in addition to reinvigorating community-building among our colleagues, students, and staff.


Pioneer Valley Workers Center (Northampton):

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