Theodore Gilliland

Thomas Ciufo, Assistant Professor of Music

Name: Ted Gilliland

Title: Assistant Professor              

Department: Economics

Areas of study: environmental economics

Research focus: Ted Gilliland’s research combines natural resource economics, development economics, ecology and natural history. His primary interests lie in natural resource management and wildlife conservation, where he examines tradeoffs between environmental conservation and economic development in order to improve the management of natural resources.

What drew you to your area of study: I am interested in protecting environmental resources for future generations. Economics is a great tool for understanding why environmental problems arise and what policies can be used to overcome them.

What appeals to you about being a professor at Mount Holyoke: I’m most excited about helping students. In particular, I enjoy helping students structure their thinking about social problems. I’m also thrilled to be in an environment that supports the pursuit of creative research ideas.

Favorite things about the campus and region so far: Upper Lake, the Connecticut River and the library

What do you like to do when you are not working: Birdwatching and studying natural history.

Favorite book: “National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America”

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