Jasmine Wong ‘14, Student Ambassador

CDC Spotlight on Student Employees

Some students are lucky enough in their freshman year to find a job they learn so much from that they stay with it throughout their college career. Jasmine Wong ‘14 began working for the Weissman Center for Leadership and the Liberal Arts in her freshman year of college and has stayed with them, all the way to her junior year, with good reason.

Wong discovered the opportunity on JobX, while exploring different positions. She found the description so interesting, she decided to apply, and was accepted. As a Weissman Student Ambassador, Wong’s job is to act as a liaison to the student body. The Student Ambassadors spread awareness on the Mount Holyoke campus about special programs the Weissman Center offers; they act as a form of outreach to students. One of the ways they do this is by holding information tables at Blanchard Campus Center. Additionally, during Family and Friends weekend, the ambassadors talk to parents about the Weissman Center programs and activities; and when guest speakers are invited to campus, the ambassadors often introduce them at events and act as ushers.

The duties Wong carries out at the Weissman Center give her a chance to develop as an individual, outside of her classroom experiences as a Biology major. For instance, the Weissman Center encourages leadership and public speaking. Working for them gives Wong the chance to test the limits of her confidence, which she does in her interactions with parents, with guest speakers who arrive to lecture, and in spreading awareness to students about Weissman Center programs. In her interactions with numerous guests and students, Wong gets to practice the fine art of conversation. “The Weissman Center has taught me a lot about how to be comfortable in the presence of others,” says Wong, “regardless of how different they may be.” With a strong sense of what she would like to be in future, Wong says, “being able to interact with others is key to being a doctor, and that’s my life goal right now.” Aside from the tasks Wong carries out, she has the benefits of exposure to events and issues she might not otherwise have had knowledge of. This exposure along with the mentorship her supervisors offer, is one of the reasons why Wong really appreciates her job at the Weissman Center.

Another reason Wong appreciates her job is the challenge it provides, specifically when it comes to time management.”Organizing my time is the biggest challenge,” says Wong, “but you learn to work around it, and tackle the issue.” Her job is also good practice for how to interact with people in a real work environment, “It lets you learn how a normal workplace functions”, says Wong.

Her advice to students was not to overlook JobX. and to “try everything.” Wong didn’t know if she would like this job, but she thought it would be interesting, and off that initial impression, she has had her job for near three years now. Her final piece of advice is to “be patient in all things,” sometimes you have to work really long and hard at something before you get it right, so just be patient.