Tess Poe ’97

Photo of Tess Poe

Tess Poe is an entrepreneur, maker, writer, and researcher in Northampton, MA. In 2011, Poe conceived of Beehive Sewing Studio and Workspace - the Valley’s first pay-by-the-hour sewing studio for new and experienced sewists and crafters. While not managing the company, she provides strategic communications services to a Federal agency, serves on the City of Northampton Planning Board, and volunteers with other communities of interest.

Poe began her professional career in Washington, DC in the late 1990s as an organizer, advocate, and fundraiser for progressive nonprofits such as the International Campaign for Tibet, Amnesty International, ACLU, and Habitat for Humanity. Trained as a geographer, her research and advocacy of innovative land-use planning and “smart growth” led her to a graduate degree in regional planning at the University of Massachusetts in the early 2000s.