Elizabeth Wills O'Gilvie

Photo of Elizabeth O'Gilvie

Liz serves as the working chair of the Springfield Food Policy Council and as the board chair of the urban agriculture organization Gardening the Community. She is also the Project Advisor to the Massachusetts Food System Collaborative and co-chairs the PVGrows Racial Equity in the Food System working group. Liz is also the manager and founder of  City Soul Farmers Market, started in 2016.  Liz works on expanding the Springfield Public Schools garden program and increasing STEM curriculum alignment. She also works with social justice organizations, schools and universities across the country on developing pathways and curriculum for undoing systemic racism and white organizational culture.

Her work in the food system, public health and community building is built on lessons learned from brick and mortar development and driven by a commitment to ensure that community change efforts to eradicate health and access disparities move on parallel environmental, systems and policy change tracks; and that those efforts are community-driven with the voices and actions of people most impacted at the center.

A critical thinker about issues relating to race, class, gender, culture and privilege, Liz is quite comfortable with the discomfort attached to conversations about race.