Topics in German Studies: Cultural Memories, Identities, and Spaces in German Culture (GRMST-223)

The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

Instructor: Karen Remmler

Berlin provides a testing ground for understanding how space shapes memory and identity. Historic sites within the built environment of Berlin mark historical upheaval and reconciliation and the transformation of the periphery into productive sites of commerce and cultural exchange. Multiple historic and contemporary sites will serve as a point of departure to explore the emergence of multidimensional identities in today's Europe. We explore the history, design, function, construction, and, in some cases, destruction, of major historical sites in Berlin, such as the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag, the Museum Island, the Holocaust Memorial, and others through case studies, archival research, and visual media. Students have the option of creating media projects and of drawing from other academic and professional interests.

Previous study of German, normally equivalent to 3 semesters of college German, or 3 or more years of high school German recommended.

Speaking– and writing-intensive.

Taught in German