Microbiology (BIO-327)

Microbiology 329

Instructor: Amy Camp

Students in Amy Camp’s  Microbiology course have found many ways to share their passion for all things micro.  In the laboratory they isolated, characterized and identified soil microbes, and used them as living paints!  The microbial masterpieces featured on the class poster not only brought out everyone’s inner artist, but also allowed the class to observe microbe-microbe interactions. 

To make their subject accessible to a wide audience, the students published peer-reviewed blog posts about chosen microbes. 

Course Description:  We share planet Earth with an unimaginable number of "invisible" microbial life forms. In this course we will explore the structure, metabolism, genetics, and ecology of microbes, most prominently bacteria. Other microbes, including archaea, eukaryotic microbes, and viruses will also be considered. Whenever possible, the relationship between microbes and humans will be highlighted.

Other goals will be for students to become comfortable with scientific primary literature and to hone their communication skills through discussions and written assignments.

Finally, the laboratory portion of this course will highlight classic and modern techniques in microbiology.

Prereq: BIOL-230 or both BIOL-210 and BIOL-220. Coreq: BIOL-327L.