Thorough and systematic

Anna Driftmier ’12

Anna Driftmier ’12

Scenographer and production designer

Academic focus: classics major, theater minor

Advanced degree: M.A. in performance design and practice, Central Saint Martins, London

It goes without saying that my theater minor had a considerable impact on my life, as I now work full-time as a scenographer and production designer for live events (theatre, dance, opera, etc.) and film. What tends to surprise people are the ways in which my classics degree has influenced my career beyond just its history with theater.

Latin and ancient Greek have more lenient sentence structures. The actual placement of words within a sentence or paragraph does not matter as much as their tense or endings. Thus, they cannot be translated in a quick, straightforward manner. At the same time, the writer has a greater capacity for creativity in its structure.

Learning ancient languages taught me the importance of breaking down and identifying all the elements of a task and then piecing them together systematically to come up with the best answer.