Kaneka Turner MAT’15

Photo of Kaneka Turner giving a presentation

Kaneka Turner MAT’15 was one of the keynote speakers at National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Conference in Orlando, FL in October 2017. Her talk centered on her work advocating for more inclusive mathematical communities.

Kaneka Turner began her journey with the Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics program in July of 2013 because she was looking to expand her work in mathematics education beyond her school. She worked in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District for 18 years; first, as an elementary teacher, then as a math coach, and finally a math specialist. She was very passionate about mathematics and wanted to develop her leadership skills and expand her work to the national level.

Today, Kaneka is a nationally recognized leader in mathematics education. She has been a keynote speaker at national and regional conferences where she shared her passion for mathematics education with thousands of educators and challenged audiences to consider how we can make the mathematics field more inclusive for all students. Kaneka recently started her own independent educational consulting business and works with teachers around the country to support their professional learning needs in mathematics. She is also part of the teaching faculty for our program at Mount Holyoke College.