Firstie Focus: Saee Chitale ’22

Photo of Saee Chitale ’22

Name: Saee Chitale

High school: Oberoi International School

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Major: Possibly neuroscience and behavior, or biology or psychology. Or something else entirely.

Why Mount Holyoke: For me, joining Mount Holyoke is invigorating because it means I will be on the frontier of pioneering female leadership — becoming a member of an institution that has been striving to break through the barriers, expectations and stereotypes that have confined women’s progress in society. Furthermore, I believe that Mount Holyoke, with its thoughtful curriculum and world-class professors, will support and prepare me to deal with the real world better than any other institution. It indeed feels like M(y)Home.

How I spent the summer: Getting hyped about attending Mount Holyoke, interning at an advertising and branding firm, and sharing bittersweet goodbyes with my best friends.

In 10 years: Wherever I am, I want to be part a group of people who are making this world a better place.

Career aspirations: Creating jobs that no one’s ever heard of.

Fundraising for Bharatanatyam students: During my senior year, dance inspired me to support the girls of St. Catherine’s Orphan Home. Thirty girls were being taught Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance form, by one of my dance friends. One day, I decided to assist him in teaching. Watching the girls run to class, I was moved by their enthusiastic faces, recalling my own initial encounter with dance. The class was the highlight of their week and their place of solace. I was upset, however, that the orphanage could not fund their dance recital. Knowing the feeling of being unable to perform, I was eager to ensure that these girls could partake in something that had been so important to my own development. So, I introduced a dance competition called Relevé to my school, and through this raised 82,200 rupees, close to $2,000, enough to fund the performance and other essentials like jewellery and costumes! I felt joy knowing I was a small part of their journey. I smile thinking about the 30 young faces enlivened by dance. 

A noteworthy interest/talent: I am a Bharatnatyam dancer. Through the past 13 years, I have completed my Visharad (graduation) and Post-Graduation (for 2 years) in dance. I love to perform and choreograph pieces.

Proudest moment: Publishing the first ever eco-friendly edition of “The Leopard Print,” our high school magazine for which I was the chief editor.

Patronus: Being true to the class of 2022, it’s now a pegasus.

The quirkiest thing: I can crack my wrists constantly and at any point of time

Author: Dan Brown

TV show: “Grey’s Anatomy”

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