Frances Perkins Scholar focus: Lu Vincent FP’21

Photo of Lu Vincent FP’21

Name: Lu Vincent

Previous college: Greenfield Community College

Hometown: South Deerfield, Massachusetts

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Possible majors: art studio, education, critical social thought

Why Mount Holyoke: Mount Holyoke appeals to my sense of community. In listening to many students from different schools, I found Mount Holyoke alumnae expressed love for their school consistently. Admission and the Frances Perkins Program affiliates have been amazing and have made me feel welcome.

Favorite places so far on campus: Williston Library, the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, the Talcott Greenhouse

Noteworthy work/volunteer experience: Some volunteer experiences I have been a part of include co-founding the inclusion and diversity organization at my child’s school and collaborating on the creation of an inclusion center at Greenfield Community College.

Proudest moments: My proudest moments are single parenting every day. I’m amazed every morning I get myself and my children out into the world and back home again safely and happily.

In 10 years: Making a real difference in the world, being creative, financially stable.

Career aspirations: Combining art, social justice and teaching

My family: I come from a large family. My immediate family are my two amazing kids.

Patronus: some kind of big cat

Superhero: the Hulk

Heroes: Some great influences on my life have been Kofi Annan, Martin Luther King Jr. and the artists Vanessa German and Käthe Kollwitz

Favorite book: “Prodigal Summer” by Barbara Kingsolver

Movie: My favorite movie is “Grand Canyon”

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