Teaching America


Aurora West Seamon ’17

English as a second language teacher, WEB International English

Academic focus: critical social thought major, politics minor

As a teacher for WEB International English in Beijing, Aurora Seamon teaches business English to high school students and working professionals. She works with beginner through advanced business students in one-on-one and salon classes, and she prepares weekly discussion classes on American culture for mixed-ability students. 

Aurora received her certification to teach English as a foreign language in the summer of 2017 and began working in Beijing in January 2018. Her passion for education began with her Mount Holyoke capstone project on the impact that politics, race and socioeconomic status have on student access to disability-related accommodations in higher education.

After graduating from Mount Holyoke, Aurora moved to China to teach children but discovered that she has a newfound enthusiasm for working with teenagers and adults who are eager to learn about Western culture and academia. Having majored in critical social thought and studied the effect of the accommodation system on students with disabilities, Aurora is well equipped to teach a diverse group of learners and field questions about American culture.