Creating a Data Collection Tool to Maximize Student Sucess

Photo of students working in a group
Leslie LaRocca MAT’17 is a veteran social studies teacher at Boston College High School in Boston, MA. She found herself using her coursework in her Owning Assessments and Data for Student Learning to tackle a problem she faced every year. 

Most students will say that there are few things more frustrating than being put into a group that doesn't work well together, then having a task to accomplish. Most teachers will agree: seeing this happen in their classroom is exasperating.

As the new school year roared to life, Leslie found herself wondering: how could she best organize instructional groups to maximize student success - especially when she didn't know her new students very well?

As a history teacher, Leslie turned to the ancient Greeks who would say "know thyself." With that maxim in mind, she set out to create a tool that would allow students to self-identify which roles they best played in a group. 

With this student data in hand, she was able to make instructional groups that allowed students to maximize their strengths and work together more efficiently.

Leslie's tool for instructional group self-selection is free to share widely.