Exchange student: Eleonore Regnier, Paris

Photo of Exchange student: Eleonore Regnier

Name: Eleonore Regnier

Major: politics

Home institution: Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, France (Sciences Po), class of 2021

Period at MHC: 2018–2019

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Why did you choose Mount Holyoke? I wanted to experience a different culture and to be away from home in a quiet place — a smaller place where I would not get lost. I wanted to study political science but also have the freedom to take advantage of the liberal arts to also explore my interests in gender studies as well as international affairs and cybersecurity. I looked forward to growing more confident in my English-speaking abilities.

How did Mount Holyoke differ from your previous college experience? I was on a big city campus back home, no one lived there, and it was more impersonal. There was a kind of “cool/uncool” hierarchy. It seemed that guys were more entitled to speak up in classes and social settings and there was competitiveness around grades. Here people genuinely care about making sure one has time to focus on both personal growth and academic projects.

Were you surprised by anything at Mount Holyoke? I loved the Mount Holyoke traditions. The Orientation party included a bounce house and hoola hoops — no fraternity-type craziness. Just plain silly fun. The other was Mountain Day. Being up the mountain and afterward looking at the pictures on Facebook gave me a sense of continuity, being a part of something lasting.