Kannah Landford ’19

Photo of Kannah Landford ’19

Name: Kannah Landford ’19

Hometown: Belchertown, Massachusetts

Academics: economics major; Nexus concentration in global business

Campus involvement: I am most involved with the Association of Pan-African Unity – APAU as a member of the board and a Five College representative. In addition to this position I am also a proud member of MHACASA (Mount Holyoke African and Caribbean Students’ Association) and a member of Women in Business. Lastly, I was a Jhumkie on the Jhumka dance team!

Proudest accomplishment at Mount Holyoke: Honestly, my proudest accomplishment at Mount Holyoke was getting accepted. My sister is an alum of ’08, and after visiting her as a child, I knew that Mount Holyoke was the school for me. Being able to tell people that I go to Mount Holyoke is something that I take pride in.

A place or experience you will miss at Mount Holyoke: I will most miss African Caribbean Day at Mount Holyoke. I have been participating in the fashion show since I was 8 years old. To grow up and be a part of the dances — and get to emcee my senior year! — was really a treat. I love learning about other people’s cultures, as well as letting people know about mine. I really enjoy seeing everyone smile as they dance and talk — or even recite a poem — about their country.

How a close connection with a staff member has shaped you: Roshonda Degraffenreid FP’10 from the Career Development Center has pushed me all four years to reach for the stars. As a first-year student, I walked into the CDC so eager to explore my options and she helped me narrow my path as well as encouraged me to never give up. Sometimes I need that little voice of reason to tell me to slow down and take things one step at a time and Roshonda was definitely that person for me throughout my time at Mount Holyoke.

Course that surprised you, or that you thought you might not like: I really enjoyed taking Psychology of Racism, taught by Jen Matos in the psychology and education department. Coming from a predominately white town, I barely knew about my own identity — or even the terms used to describe some events that have happened in my life. After taking this course I felt more confident to talk about race, not only in spaces with people of color but also with my Caucasian counterparts.

Best takeaway from internship or research experiences: When I interned on Wall Street and was surrounded by Ivy League kids, sometimes I felt like I was not good enough. I soon realized that if I put in the work and did the research, I was just as capable. Do not be afraid to speak up, because we are all worthy of greatness. NEVER FEAR CHANGE!

How Mount Holyoke has shaped your global outlook: One of my favorite things about Mount Holyoke is the number of international students we have. I am fortunate to have a lot of international friends who teach me about their cultures on the daily. If I am lucky enough they share their food with me too! I get to hear their opinions on current events and we get to share our different perspectives on topics.

Favorite Five College experience: As a member of Jhumka, I was able to perform in multiple events at the other Five Colleges. It was interesting to watch other schools showcase their talents, as well as perform with my team to showcase ours. I loved performing for VariAsians with Jhumka at UMass Amherst. My favorite part of our performances was the food!

Future plans: I will be working at J.P. Morgan in New York City in the Global Families Group in the area of wealth management.