M.A.T.L. Graduate to partner with Pathlight Group

Phoo of Eric Schildge MATL’19

Eric Schildge MATL’19

Mount Holyoke College Graduate Programs and graduate student Eric Schildge MATL’19, Accessibility and Media Fellow, are partnering with the Pathlight Group on a sexual health education program for young adults with disabilities.

Schildge will complete his MATL in May 2019. He currently teaches English and Drama at Sparhawk School in Amesbury, MA. He was drawn to the MATL program for the opportunity to work with other teachers from around the country in an emerging field.

For Schildge, the most valuable parts of the MATL program has been the strong relationships with his cohort, awesome instructors, practical and hands-on curriculum.

When asked how he balances the demands of teaching AND being a graduate student, the answer is simple. He says, “the program is designed with that in mind.”

Since starting the program, Schildge has left his old job because teacher-leadership was not compatible with the culture there. “I wouldn't have had the courage to do that without MHC,” he says. Once he completes his MATL, he wants to start a non-profit that connects local theater companies and artists with schools in order to better integrate the performing arts into humanities classrooms.